Video: Ask Your Jeweler

A Custom Engagement Ring, From Design Concept to Finished Ring

  1. I’m Martin Stringer. Today at Diamonds of Kerrville we’re about to meet with a client to design a custom engagement ring. Why don’t you come along with me for a behind the scenes look as we go from her design concept to the finished ring of her dreams.
  2. First, our client selects a base model from our prototype selection or catalog. If needed, we can start from scratch to create a design.
  3. Using our Create by Diamonds computer design program all aspects of the on screen pattern can be changed from stone sizes, shapes, colors or types and placement of the stones. The metal design of the ring can be changed- thicknesses can be adjusted, design elements can be added or removed, whatever she would like to see happens right before her eyes in a photographic quality image.
  4. When the design is perfected to her satisfaction, we export it to a 3-D model machine that grows the ring pattern out of a liquid resin wax that we then use to make the ring.
  5. The wax pattern is then attached to a rubber sprue base to begin the process of making a casting mold.
  6. Using a plaster like material called investment, we use a vacuum process to insure that the details of the wax pattern are not lost. After hardening in the plaster the now encased wax ring pattern is placed in the burnout oven.
  7. Where over a slow day long process the mold is brought to a temperature of 1350° for several hours to ensure complete elimination of the wax model leaving us a hollow cavity mold that the molten metal can be placed in.
  8. Precious metal is melted in a ceramic flask in the centrifugal casting machine that the prepared mold has been placed in. Centrifugal casting insures that the ring will be a dense nonporous casting of high quality.
  9. The mold is then quenched in water dissolving the plaster investment material and the ring still attached to a precious metal sprue is removed.
  10. The ring is removed from the sprue and the birth of her new ring is nearing completion.
  11. File work to remove the sprue and all evidences of casting is done. Progressive sanding to prepare the ring for polishing is necessary to achieve a surface that will yield the perfect final finish. Use of different polishing compounds completes this stage of manufacture.
  12. The ring is now ready for the meticulous process of stone setting. Our jeweler makes use of a high power microscope to insure that each stone is well seated and placed evenly for that perfect finished look.
  13. Such a thing of beauty-an original design has been completed. While we have compressed the procedures necessary to design and make her ring to only a few minutes in this video, the actual processes that you have just seen actually take several day s to complete.
  14. The look on her face is amazing. A long lasting symbol of love for her to keep and treasure has been created.
  15. Our staff at Diamonds of Kerrville has the skill, knowledge and technology to help you to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpiece. Our Create by Diamonds computer program is the latest and most powerful tool available to you to get exactly the jewelry of her dreams. Come by and browse our large selection of unique jewelry. We’d love to meet you and help you with any jewelry questions, repairs or custom design ideas that you may have. Remember, jewelry is a long lasting symbol of love that she can treasure for years to come.